[Mediawiki-l] is mediawiki threaded?

Hans Voss hans.voss at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 20:40:21 UTC 2006

I don't think the actual code is multithreaded. The profits in a multi
processor environment are in the fact that the webserver that php
executable and the database server (MySQL) have more 'space to breathe
in'. The Apache webserver is actually threaded (or rather it runs
multiple server processes which can run on different processors). One
of these processes will run the PHP script but the other CPU can 'do'
the database processing for it.

* Don't expect a 'single user' wiki to start performing way better all
of a sudden
* A heavilly used wiki can benefit from a second CPU *IF*:
  - the machine is not getting bogged down in database IO

On 2/27/06, Andrea Forte <andrea.forte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> This might be a "well duh" kind of question,  but I'm trying to figure
> out if mediawiki will run better on a dual processor server? Should I
> bother? Will it make a difference in performance?
> Andrea
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