[Mediawiki-l] [MediaWiki-l]connaot shown uploaded images after importDump

Jasmin Hannemann Jasmin.Hannemann at macd.com
Mon Feb 20 11:36:55 UTC 2006


I have two wikis. one is for global usage and the other is a local copy
exspecally, when i have no connection to the internet. i use the method
dumpBackup.php on the global wiki and the method importDump.php on my
local wiki. after that, i updated a links on my wiki.
When i go to the page "Gallery of new files" is this page empty. but in
the global wiki, are there all uploaded images. then i look on the page
for the categories, because, the images are parted in that. there are
listed all my cathegories of my global wiki. but when i go to these
pages, there are empty rectangles and under these is written: "No files
After that I tested to copy all images manually from to global wiki to
my local in the directory, which is set in LocalSetting. But the result
is the same.

Has anyone an idea, why I can import the images?

Cheers Jasmin

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