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On Sunday 19 February 2006 01:20, Brion Vibber wrote:
> FreeAll Support wrote:
> > The URL: arkana.freeall.org/arkanapedia
> > It's in Hebrew...
> >
> > The version of MediaWiki is the latest. I downloaded it this week.
> > 1.5.5, I think.
> 1.5.5 is a version behind; the current release is 1.5.6, released
> January 19.
> > Because - I haven't changed any code, and couldn't be any mix cause
> > the installation is completely new, on a clean server...
> When you say it's "a clean server", what does this mean?
> Did you install Linux yourself on it, and know exactly how PHP is
> configured? Do you run it yourself, or is it an account on some
> third-party hosting service?
> Are you familiar with its configuration? What's PHP's include_path set
> to? Is the override in MediaWiki's config failing? Might it be loading
> some other file for this? Have you checked to confirm that the files
> were all uploaded correctly?

Speaking of that, is there a utility that computes checksums (MD5/SHA1) 
over the files?

In Perl packages, you get a SIGNATURE file, which contains a checksum over 
each file included in the distribution, maybe it would make sense to add 
something like that to MediaWiki. Then after install/upload one could run 
maintenance/checksum.php (or .pl) and it check that all files are all 

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