[Mediawiki-l] Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wfrunhooks() in ..../Setup.php on line 210

Matthias Orgler Matthias at Orgler.de
Sat Feb 18 17:44:59 UTC 2006

I get the following error when calling "mydomain.de/wiki/index.php" 
directly after completing the configuration and copying 
LocalSettings.php to the wiki root:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wfrunhooks() in ..../Setup.php 
on line 210

What is wrong there? The wiki runs on a webspace at www.profihost.com:

    * PHP 4.4.2: ok
    * *Warning:* *PHP's register_globals
      <http://php.net/register_globals> option is enabled.* MediaWiki
      will work correctly, but this setting increases your exposure to
      potential security vulnerabilities in PHP-based software running
      on your server. *You should disable it if you are able.*
    * PHP server API is cgi; using ugly URLs (index.php?title=Page_Title)
    * Have XML / Latin1-UTF-8 conversion support.
    * PHP is configured with no memory_limit.
    * Have zlib support; enabling output compression.
    * eAccelerator <http://eaccelerator.sourceforge.net/> installed
    * Found GNU diff3: /usr/bin/diff3.
    * Found ImageMagick: /usr/bin/convert; image thumbnailing will be
      enabled if you enable uploads.
    * Found GD graphics library built-in.
    * Installation directory: /orgfknar/www.orgler.de/wiki
    * Script URI path: /wiki
    * Connecting to usrdb_orgfknar1 on localhost as orgfknar1...success.
    * Connected to 4.1.14-standard-log; using enhancements for mySQL 4.
    * Database usrdb_orgfknar1 exists
    * Creating tables... using MySQL 3/4 table defs... done.
    * Initializing data...
    * Created sysop account morgler.

Initialising "MediaWiki" namespace...
Clearing message cache...Done.

      Creating LocalSettings.php...

      Installation successful! Move the config/LocalSettings.php file
      into the parent directory, then follow this link
      <http://www.orgler.de/wiki/index.php> to your wiki.

Can anyone help me please?


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