[Mediawiki-l] "Refreshing" a category page via MediaWikiprogram calls

Hugh Prior mediawiki at localpin.com
Sat Feb 18 10:21:49 UTC 2006

I know that when I do it manually all have to do is null-edit the page.

I will check out the refreshLinks.php; I may well be able to use that. 

In seems to me though that "refreshLinks.php" is a batch approach.  If I 
know the actual page which needs the category links fixing is there though a 
direct function I can call?  I see the "fixLinksFromArticle" in 
"refreshLinks.inc".  This I suppose would do it.  But is this the normal way 
that a page during a manual null-edit would ensure that it's links are up to 
date?  If not, what functions do the updating?

"Rob Church" <robchur at gmail.com> wrote in 
message news:e92136380602171059u9ff2c94n at mail.gmail.com...
> If it's the one page, just null-edit it (hit edit, then save without
> making a change). If it's multiple pages, run the refreshLinks.php
> command line script in the maintenance dir. to update all the link
> tables.

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