[Mediawiki-l] makeKnownLinkObj call error

FxParlant f-x.p at laposte.net
Fri Feb 17 17:45:45 UTC 2006

Hello to all,

Trying to make a link from a db query (for my calendar extension, but
always end up with this error message at the top of the resulting page:

Warning: Problem with method call - please report this bug in
C:\apache2\htdocs\phase3\extensions\Calendar.php on line 204

The problem is that my extension is not a class (should I still use the

I tried this which works but gives the warning:

        global $wgUser;
        $skin = $wgUser->getSkin();
        foreach($entries[$today] as $key ){
        $nt = Title::makeTitle( $entriesProperties[$today][0], $key );
        $link = $this->skin->makeKnownLinkObj( $nt, '', $extra ); //
line of the error... it works but gives a warning
            $output .= '<li>'.$link."</li>\n";

And also:

        global $wgUser;
        $skin =& $wgUser->getSkin();
        foreach($entries[$today] as $key ){
        $link = $skin->makeKnownLinkObj( Title::makeTitle(
$entriesProperties[$today][0], $key ), '' );// works but with a warning
            $output .= '<li>'.$link."</li>\n";

Can someone tell me how to get rid of this warning ?

Thanks for your help


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