[Mediawiki-l] Re: How does MDC parse RSS feeds?

Chris Earle (CBL) cearle at cbltech.ca
Tue Feb 14 14:40:25 UTC 2006

Hmmm... maybe this explains it:

Using  MagpieRSS and Mafs/RSS extension --- I notice a couple of mods of
that extension itself too ---
anyone have any good/bad experiences implementing rss parsing like this?


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Subject: How does MDC parse RSS feeds?

> Hi all,
> I like this smart use of the built in RSS feeds to offer 'what's new'
> and such on the main page of a wiki --- MDC 'Devmo' does it here with this
> page:
> which is included in their Main Page.
> They use the rss tag in their source:
> eed=rss|short|max=5|charset=UTF8</rss>
> I'm guessing a mod on the parsing of rss, but how?
> Such a useful extension ;-)
> Suggestions appreciated
> --
> Chris Earle
> System Solutions Specialist

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