[Mediawiki-l] how do you actually debug the wiki stuff when the data is passed via POST?

Hugh Prior mediawiki at localpin.com
Fri Feb 10 18:08:09 UTC 2006

I am perfectly OK debugging a script which uses GET data, because the 
parameters are there on the command line. But how on earth do you use the 
Zend Development Environment to debug with POST data?

e.g. the wiki uses the file "index.php" which does all the control and it 
takes POST data I don't see it of course on the URL. I cannot cut-and-paste 
the URL into the ZDE "Debug URL..." field.  If it was all done with GET 
(which of course it cannot be because of the size of the text) I could just 
copy the URL into the "Debug URL..." field like this 
"index.php?action=edit&usertext=somedummytext" and I'd be away.

Sure, I could just hack at the $_POST global variable from an empty 
index.php call, but does anybody have a better way?

I know this is more of a PHP question than a MediaWiki question, but anyone 
working on MediaWiki must have a good answer to this since ALL control is 
done via the POST.



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