[Mediawiki-l] Attach files to a site in mediawiki...?

Carsten Marx Carsten.Marx at uni-konstanz.de
Sat Feb 11 08:51:54 UTC 2006

First of all... I'm new here... so a big hello to all,

i've set up a Mediawiki 1.5.6 for the internal documentation of a  
software project. It works great but one of the requirements is now  
that there is a possibiliy to attach files to a site (like on http:// 
www.bluefeet.net/bin/view/TWiki/TasksPlugin ... i know this is a  
TWiki Site..). Look at the screenshot, then you will see what i mean.

Is this possible? For sure... But how? Is there already a hack,  
plugin, extension for this?

Thanks in adnvance.

Best regards

Carsten Marx

Carsten Marx (B.Sc.)
University of Konstanz- Information Engineering
Workinggroup Human-Computer Interaction
web: http://hci.uni-konstanz.de/staff/Marx
tel. 07531-88-2868
room: D206
mail: Carsten.Marx at uni-konstanz.de
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