[Mediawiki-l] Layout of Sidebar + deleting pages

Alexander Teibrich teibrich at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 10 20:47:34 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,
I have got two problems with my wiki; I hope you can help me:
- Is it possible to delete pages without having access to the database (as  
a sysop with all rights)? I do know the delete button, but when I delete a  
page with it it doesn't vanish from "Special:Allpages"! I have no idea why!
- I would like to change the layout of the Sidebar (Monobooks): Is it  
possible to make a single link red-coloured? The main problem is, that  
"MediaWiki:Sidebar" deletes all tags (i.e. <div>) from my code ...


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