[Mediawiki-l] Transparent pages

Thomas R. Koll tomk32 at gmx.de
Thu Feb 9 07:31:52 UTC 2006

Am 08.02.2006 um 22:28 schrieb Armin Kniesel:

> i found a wiki site where the text area is half
> transparent. See at
> http://www.ping.com.au/wiki/Main_Page
> How can i do that?
> Is that in skins/monobook/main.css?
> I searched there for tranparency but i didn't find
> anything.

The trick is to have either a second background image or
a transparent image like in that wiki:
#content {    background: url(50.png); }

and the image http://www.ping.com.au/w/skins/monobook/50.png

BUT: Transparency for png-grafics sometimes makes problems
in some IE-versions, so make sure to check it with
every IE-version.

ciao, tom

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