[Mediawiki-l] about captcha.py image generator

Terry Auspitz mediawiki-l at clubjuggle.com
Wed Feb 8 04:05:36 UTC 2006

I would hope that if a captcha system were added to MediaWiki, it would
be strictly optional?

I have concerns about accessibility, and a captcha use would actually be
illegal in some installations.


Rik Wade wrote:

>A captcha system is a much needed extension for MediaWiki, so thanks to
>those working on it. My experience so far with automated or "undesirable"
>edits is that they could be stopped by turning off anonymous edits and
>using a captcha system for user registration.
>Is it anticipated to use the MediaWiki captcha extension for all edits, or
>will the option be available to use them only for user registration? I
>understand that security comes at a price in terms of usability, but
>entering a captcha string for every edit may be too cumbersome for
>prolific editors.
>How about having a 'level of trust', where certain users can be flagged to
>bypass the captcha system for their edits? Therefore, new editors will
>need to input a captcha string for each edit, but those who have been
>flagged by the admins will not need to do so? I suppose this would work
>for small Wikis, but not for anything as busy as Wikipedia.

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