[Mediawiki-l] Relocating to a virtual domain

Dennis Carr ke6isf at chez-vrolet.net
Mon Feb 6 08:19:28 UTC 2006

OK, so I have this wiki:


...but, if I try to direct to this using http://octa.chez-vrolet.net, I
get...well, undesirable results - namely, a 404.  

Changing $wgScriptPath to "/" will get the text only version of the
main page, but little else, and the login URL will direct to something
like "http://login.php/morestuffhere".

Since the former URL works just fine, I'm leaving it as is for now, but
if I intend to move this to the latter URL, what do I need to alter to
get it to behave correctly?

-Dennis Carr

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