[Mediawiki-l] couple of extensions to contribute if useful

edward molasses-one at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 4 19:23:08 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I thought I would mention a couple of MediaWiki extensions I have developed in 
case they might be useful to the community.

One extension is an interface for users to more easily export multiple wiki 
pages to XML, PDF and HTML by using the search function. The open source 
software HTML2FPDF is used for exports to PDF. MediaWiki's native XML 
exporter is used for the XML. The way the search is used is, the user first 
enters a search term, then the returned page names in which the search term 
appears are appended to the list of pages to be exported.  They can dump 
those pages at any time to any of the formats (an installation with this 
extension can be seen at 
http://pgrdictionary.org/en/index.php/Special:DocumentExport (this install is 
a plant genetic resource dictionary, so use plant genetic terms, such as 
chromosome, to get search returns) ).

The other extension goes through every page in your Wiki, looking for Wiki 
page titles in the content of each page and Wiki-linking those words to their 
corresponding Wiki pages. It's meant to be used after you have imported fresh 
content into your Wiki, when that content does not yet contain any links 
between Wiki pages.

Hopefully they are useful, please let me know if they are.


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