[Mediawiki-l] Categories as search filters for a Refined/Advanced Search Tool

Roger Chrisman roger at rogerchrisman.com
Sat Feb 4 07:42:03 UTC 2006


I want to allow users to filter searches of a Mediawiki's content so 
that search results that match user-selected categories *and* the 
search term would be returned.

For example, along with the standard search box (text field for search 
term) a user could be presented with a treed list of all categories 
with check boxes by them. Only when a category's check box is checked 
by the user for a given "advanced/category-filtered" search would 
content in that category be searched. User could select ***as many or 
few categories*** as he likes and the search tool would search only 
within those categories.

Has anyone seen anything like this implemented for Mediawiki? Or for any 
other content management system?


Roger Chrisman   (650) 387-4732   Palo Alto

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