[Mediawiki-l] I'm getting email on minor edits

David J. Biesack David.Biesack at sas.com
Fri Feb 3 19:13:38 UTC 2006

We've enabled email notification on our intranet wiki. In my preferences, I have "Send me an email also for minor edits of pages" disabled but our MediaWiki 1.5.6 system is still sending me email when someone makes a minor edit. The page history shows the edit is a minor edit and the email contains

  Editor's summary: (comment...)  This is a minor edit

UserMailer.php contains
    && (!$minorEdit || ($wgEnotifMinorEdits && $watchingUser->getOption('enotifminoredits') ) )

which looks correct.

I can add 

   $wgEnotifMinorEdits = false; # UPO; false: "minor edits" on pages do not trigger notification mails.

to LocalSettings.php but I'd rather give users the option to set this themselves.

Anyone have a fix for this so that my preferences are honored?

I'm using the standard MW 1.5.6; I did not download/install ENotif separately.

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