[Mediawiki-l] Logo dissapeared!

Paul Youlten paul.youlten at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 13:19:42 UTC 2005

Does Opera support .png image files?

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> Hi,
> I've got very weird bug: logo image (one at the top left corner)
> dissapeared. :)))) I can see only empty place here, a grey background (
> I guess from my default monobook skin, not sure and not important).
> Maybe it is not the place to ask, cause it's a browser's error. I use
> Opera 7.5 and it is not the images: off option, cause other images from
> the site shows correctly.
> IE6 shows logo image wiki.png as ussual.
> I cleaned cache for both browsers. What the hell it may be? Does Opera
> load images selectively by it's own will? :D
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