[Mediawiki-l] Problem upgrading from 1.4beta6 to rc1 and MediaWiki:XXX navigation

Doug Fields dfields-mediawiki-200502 at pexicom.com
Sat Feb 26 20:52:58 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I have extensively modified the side navigation bar in our MediaWikis 
(of which we have several), using $wgNavigationLinks in 
LocalSettings.php. This required me to make several entries like the 

$wgNavigationLinks = array (
         array( 'text'=>'mainpage',      'href'=>'mainpage' ),
         array( 'text'=>'recentchanges', 'href'=>'recentchanges-url' ),
         array( 'text'=>'pexipolicies', 'href'=>'pexipolicies-url' ),

So, I had created MediaWiki:Pexipolicies and MediaWiki:Pexipolicies-url 
pages, which contained (both) Policies, so that when clicking on the 
sidebar, it would go to the Policies page (and would show the word 
Policies in the side bar).

This worked great in 1.4beta6.

I followed the directions in UPGRADE to upgrade things, and generated a 
new LocalSettings.php (which I did not end up using). However, this 
seemed to call a routine moveCustomMessages() in 
maintenance/archives/moveCustomMessages.inc which moved all my 
MediaWiki:Whatever stuff from the side nav bar to a new corresponding 
page, Template:Whatever. (It did put redirects in the old pages, but it 
did NOT log anything to the change log in the recent changes page.)

Needless to say, this broke my side navigation bar, and I had to go 
through each of nearly a dozen nav bar links and change two pages back.

What is the reason for this? Would there be any problem if I simply put 
a "return;" at the beginning of that moveCustomMessages() method prior 
to upgrading again later? Is there a way I can tell the 
wgNavigationLinks to use the Template:XXX instead? I thought the 
Template:XXX was for use in {{Templates}}.

Appreciate your thoughts.



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