[Mediawiki-l] help with a Interwiki link problem

Alexis Lopez-Garcia alexis.lopezgarcia at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 05:11:40 UTC 2005


I am running a wiki with MediaWiki 1.4rc1 and I wanted to allow users
to access local files in their computer from the wiki by defining a
set of interwiki links thus,

lfc               file:///C:/$1
lfd               file:///D:/$1
and so on

So one could have in his userpage something like

[[lfc:whatever.txt]] thus pointing to file:///C:/whatever.txt

Of course to other users this will be meaningless as their local disk
will be different.
Well it does not work. The interwiki link is interpreted correctly but
when you press the link nothing happens. What is the problem? And
could it be done any other way?

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