[Mediawiki-l] install bug in rc1 (with solution)

Ludovic Drolez ldrolez at free.fr
Fri Feb 25 21:06:09 UTC 2005


I tried to install Wikimedia 1.4rc1 on a French provider (free.fr) and I had
the following problem: wikimedia says it cannot connect to the db.

I found that mysql_errno() in config/index.php returns "", and not a number
so it always reaches the default branch of the switch near line 454.

So, I managed to make the initial install by adding a 'case ""' near the
'case 2000'.

(But then I got login problems. I'll post more details later...(Yes, cookies
are sent, I can see them in my 'cookie manager'))


Ludovic Drolez.

http://www.palmopensource.com       - The PalmOS Open Source Portal
http://www.drolez.com      - Personal site - Linux and PalmOS stuff

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