[Mediawiki-l] Problem loading index.php externally

Matt C matt at 30throad.com
Wed Feb 23 21:15:52 UTC 2005


I'm running a MediaWiki site on my local Mac OS X (10.3 client)  
webserver - http://knowyourmac.com (also accessible at  

The problem is, unless you specify a page name, such as "Main_Page" or  
"Introduction" in the address, the address resolves into a local name,  
which won't load externally.

<-- will work
Introduction <-- will work
http://knowyourmac.homeip.net/~emilymatt/kym/wiki <-- won't work

(Before you ask, I have automatic recognition of index.php set up in my  
httpd.conf file.)

This is the case whether you use the homeip.net address above, or my  
current (dynamic) IP of, so it's not something that's  
happening at dyndns.org.

This means that, at my domain registrar, I have to set the domain  
forwarding from knowyourmac.com to a full ".../Main_Page" address to  
get it to work. And this doesn't give me the option of specifying an  
alternate page, such as http://knowyourmac.com/Introduction (which  
would now resolve to an erroneous "../Main_Page/Introduction").

I've tested other PHP scripts in the same directory as MediaWiki's  
"index.php", and they don't do this forwarding to the local name - can  
anyone give me clues on what's going on, and how I can resolve it?

Many thanks


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