[Mediawiki-l] re: wfSpecialDisambiguation is broken. Link tables have changed...

Kate Turner keturner at livejournal.com
Wed Feb 23 12:24:51 UTC 2005

Al B wrote in gmane.org.wikimedia.mediawiki:

> From: Brion Vibber <brion at pobox.com>
>>Al B wrote:
>>> Got this error when I tried to access the disambiguation maintenance
>>> page. Any reason why?
>>It's obsolete and cannot be used unless someone rewrites it.
> Obsolete? In the sense that it isn't a functionality that is considered
> worth it any more? Or obsolete in the sense that my specific
> isntallation  has cacked up and is obsolete?

it relied on a particular schema feature in an older version of mediawiki
which does not exist in the current version.  in order to work again,
someone would have to rewrite it to support the current database schema.

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