[Mediawiki-l] mailing list floods --> can't we have a wiki with E-mail notification ?

Thomas Gries mail at tgries.de
Fri Feb 18 21:26:41 UTC 2005

Brion, help.
There are too many mails around - I cannot track them any longer.

May I propose to you: can't you set up wikis for mediawiki-l and 
wikitech-l ***with e-mail notification*** ?

Newcomers could post their questions onto the wiki, developers could 
answer, and whole message threads including solutions and patches would 
stay together and would be better to maintain.

Of course, an installation with a working e-mail notification would 
support the communication with much lower mail transfer (remember, only 
_one_ e-mail is sent out for a watched page, until the watching user 
re-visits the watched page - can be weeks later).

Perhaps: the both wikis only writeable for users who have registered 
with one of the mailing lists

I propose my current en201+mw1.3.10 from 
http://meta.wikipedia.org/Enotif to be installed on something like 
wikitech.wikipedia.org or even

Or be courageous and start trying it on meta.wikimedia.org .

Good or bad idea ?

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