[Mediawiki-l] Re: modify a string in the whole database

Ira Abramov lists-MediaWiki-l at ira.abramov.org
Fri Feb 18 17:59:34 UTC 2005

Quoting Jan Steinman, from the post of Fri, 18 Feb:
> On 18 Feb 2005, at 08:13, Frames Project wrote:
> >Do you have a tool to modify a given string into an other for all the 
> >wiki database ?
> SQL?

well, maybe in a table or two. but if I wanted to take a 30MB database
and search+replace a string because the site has changed its name for
instance, then I'd dump the DB, use sed to S+R and restore it. it's
crude but works as long as it's not a reserved SQL word or something. :)

The man with no name
Ira Abramov

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