[Mediawiki-l] batch image upload

Bart Q. Simon bqs at bluefang.com
Fri Feb 18 15:03:46 UTC 2005

Hello, very useful mailing list here.


Does anyone have a workable method for uploading multiple files (images
in my case) to wiki? I have a ton of images and I'd like to set up a
<gallery></gallery> with them, but doing it piecemeal just isn't going
to work. I need to upload them as a batch (either by selecting all the
images at once or selecting their parent folder).

The overall idea is that I'd like users to see a very large list of
images, be able to click on any image, and then comment on it. It all
seems workable except the part about actually getting the images into
wiki and automatically building the gallery page :).

Is there php that would support this? Has anyone successfully added this
data directly to mysql? I'm a little lost. 



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