[Mediawiki-l] XHTML generation

Frank Wales frank at limov.com
Thu Feb 17 20:00:11 UTC 2005

> NSK wrote:
> > The XHTML above is generated by Wikipedia, but in my opinion MW should use
> > only " and not ' i.e. it should be class="external" instead of 'external'

"Should be"?  Says who, the Indentation Police?

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 11:19 -0800, Brion Vibber wrote:
> Both quote forms are equally legal and produce equivalent results, so
> source code readability tends to outweigh the minor issue of aesthetic
> consistency in the markup output. Markup output is already butt-ugly
> because it's not spaced or indented nicely, and nobody's going to look
> at it very often; it's for consumption of the browser while the source
> code is maintained by human programmers.

Exactly.  For patients who care more than their browsers do about
irrelevant inconsistencies in XHTML, I suggest a course of HTML Tidy:
Frank Wales [frank at limov.com]

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