[Mediawiki-l] ENotif 2.00 for MediaWiki 1.3.10 (yes, ready)

Thomas Gries mail at tgries.de
Wed Feb 16 20:59:41 UTC 2005

Sorry, didn't I broadcast, that it is ready ?

It is ready !
http://bugzilla.wikipedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454 and 

It is certainly recommended to set your e-mail address to the "CC" 
mailing list of http://bugzilla.wikipedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454 , if 
you are interested in the latest news of ENotif (email notification for 
changed pages and user_talk pages)


dwen at gmx.de schrieb:

>>My patch will come as a diff against MW 1.3.10 and as a fully 
>>installable tgz of MW 1.3.10+ENotif, which can be used for installation 
>>with existing or new databases, as the patch comes with a 
>>database-upgrader (updating an existing wiki database if needed).
>>Scheduled time for release: 09. Feb. 2005
>any news on this?

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