[Mediawiki-l] misuse of wiki content

N. M. Buzdor mediawiki at buzdor.com
Wed Feb 16 18:46:06 UTC 2005

> ...but maybe they just
> reorganised and didn't bother with redirects, so something's out of
> date somewhere? (Note also that *anything* after the /MV1/ will bring
> up that same page)

That may be their 404 page for a link that used to exist.  When looking at
the logs for my personal homepage, I get hundreds of search engine hits that
send internet users to pages that existed on my site like 3 or 4 years ago,
and have been gone ever since.  Some of these search engines fixate on a
popular page (I think Lycos in Denmark gets a lot of requests for "Sixpence
mp3 download" or something) and don't expire their indexes to them or bother
to re-crawl.

No, I don't host illegal mp3 downloads, those are 3 words that were on the
page that the search engine aggregated to a hit.

So I can imagine that even after the Google Dance (TM) that you're going to
have the occasional 404.  And if this particular host uses 404 errors to
make money, then ....  Why didn't I think to do that?  Talk to y'all later,
after I write some clever html for Danish Lycos users....


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