[Mediawiki-l] ENotif 2.00 for MediaWiki 1.3.10 -- currently under construction

dwen at gmx.de dwen at gmx.de
Wed Feb 16 10:26:54 UTC 2005


On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 02:02:28AM +0100, Thomas Gries wrote:
> I am sending you this mail as a pre-announcement, because many have 
> asked me:
> currently I work on a patch of ENotif 2.00 (e-mail notification) for
> MediaWiki 1.3.10. This will be basically a maintenance port of my older
> ENotif patch published last October see http://meta.wikipedia.org/Enotif 
> . (This patch was for mw 1.3.7).
> Remark: the most recent working version of ENotif is available in CVS 
> HEAD and also includes a working e-mail authentication method by mailing 
> a temporary password, which is valid only for one login.
> My patch will come as a diff against MW 1.3.10 and as a fully 
> installable tgz of MW 1.3.10+ENotif, which can be used for installation 
> with existing or new databases, as the patch comes with a 
> database-upgrader (updating an existing wiki database if needed).
> Scheduled time for release: 09. Feb. 2005

any news on this?


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