[Mediawiki-l] case insensitive searching?

Muke Tever muke at frath.net
Wed Feb 16 03:16:37 UTC 2005

Tor Kinlok <tor at superman.ws> wrote:
> For instance, on wikipedia, a search for "Albert Einstein" takes you
> directly to his page, but "albert einstein" only works because of a
> redirect.  Or at least, that's what used to happen this morning.  On
> just checking this, they seem to have (temporarly?) replaced their own
> search function with google's.  On my site, try

If there is a redirect sitting at [[albert einstein]] for whatever reason--
which on Wikipedia, there is--the "go" search will find it first.  It'll even
find [[albert einstein]] if you search for "aLbErT eInStEiN".  That is, the
go search is case-insensitive, but if there are multiple matches, the one it
returns may not be the one you were looking for.  (It seems that if you happen
to hit upon the exact casing of an article title, it'll take you straight to it.)
For example, Wikipedia has full articles about "latex" (at [[Latex]]) and
"LaTeX" (at [[LaTeX]]).

* go-searching for "latex" will take you to [[Latex]]
* go-searching for "LATEX" will take you to [[Latex]]
* go-searching for "lAtEx" will take you to [[Latex]], etc., but:
* go-searching for "LaTeX" will take you to [[LaTeX]]

When there's no ambiguity, case-insensitive search works just like you might
expect it to: go-searching for "LaTiN" will take you to [[Latin]].

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