[Mediawiki-l] Google Offers to Host Wikipedia

John Spikowski support at scriptbasic.info
Mon Feb 14 21:14:19 UTC 2005

>From Internet domains to Web browsers, Google seems to have its hands all
over the Web these days. But the search giant shows no signs of slowing its
reach, and has offered to host the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Wiki Media
Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, says Google has volunteered to supply
servers and bandwidth to the project.

Wikipedia is an open online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone who
volunteers. The project has become immensely popular on the Web, and is
having problems sustaining its growth.

Although exact terms of Google's offer have not be publicly disclosed, Wiki
Media's board of directors is considering a deal and plans to meet with
Google in March.

The foundation did say that Google will not insert its text based
advertising on Wikipedia.

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