[Mediawiki-l] mediawiki image alignment problem

Tin Huynh thuynh_ at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 08:21:47 UTC 2005

hi all, new user to this list as well as mediawiki.  i just recently 
installed the stable release of mediawiki (1.3.10).  Installation went fine 
and mostly everything is working correctly except for one thing.  I can not 
get images i've uploaded to align either left or right.  ive checked the 
mediawiki syntax for this a million times and everything ive tried doesnt 
work.  When im editing a page, i enter:


*i read that you can also add another vertical bar at the end of right so 
that "right" does not appear as the alt text.

i've tested this on other mediawiki installations (older versions, on 
seperate servers, etc) and it works.  On my mediawiki, the image is just 
positioned left and the text is cleared right below it.  i checked the 
source code and "right" appears as the alt text for some reason.  im not 
really sure if this function is a setting i have to turn on or something.  i 
know that you can just add html (div class="floatright") when editing and it 
will work, but that is sorta cumbersome for the average users editing this 

This is a fresh installtion of mediawiki.  I have gone through and adjusted 
all the suggested security settings.  i do not have the GD Library 
installed.  Permissions are set to read only, except for the image folder.

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


p.s. i know that the thumbnailing function is not enabled if GD library is 
not installed, but i should still be able to resize my images right?  using 
this syntax:


it should just resize using html correct?  maybe this problem is connected 
to the above one?

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