[Mediawiki-l] php: escaping a slash

=James Birkholz= j.birchwood at verizon.net
Mon Feb 14 03:57:26 UTC 2005

Looks like my code was mostly working, but the debugging displays were 
misleading me.
Anywhooo, it seems to be working well enough now, although I had to deal 
with converting German special characters for the article titles: one way 
for the link display, and a second way for the actual title used and the 
link itself.

Now the database generates lists of articles related to the main article 
and if those sub-articles don't exist yet, it creates them, putting a 
standard bit of text, modified by the article title, including another 
Extension tag that pulls data out of the database for the sub-article.

With 40 main articles and an average of 50 sub-articles, that saves me 
having to manually copy and paste the starter text into 2000 new articles. 
(And there will probably be more main articles in the future, up to 10-200x 
these first 40.)


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