[Mediawiki-l] Link list on page

Ulf Clausen u.clausen at gmx.net
Sun Feb 13 18:27:39 UTC 2005

>> It would be great to have the results of "whatlinkshere" as
>>cross-references at the bottom of every page. I tried to include the page
>>as a template, but this will still only give me the link to
>>"whatlinkshere" instead of the actual linking pages. Any idea how I could
>>get the links on the same page?
>Maybe you should have a look into SpecialPage.php and
>for inspiration. I think (!) it's basically creating a SpecialPage object
>and execute() it.
>$sp = new SpecialPage("Whatlinkshere");

Excuse my lack of knowledge, but how and where do I include this code into my pages so it gets executed?

>> And while I am writing: Is there a way of telling mediawiki to open
>>external links in a new window? I have tried everything to persuade the
>>parser to accept the HTML code "target=_blank", but failed.
>in the head:
><base target="_blank" />

Assuming I am editing the pages via the frontend - how do I actually include something in the head when the pages are actually  generated dynamically?

Thanks, Ulf

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