[Mediawiki-l] How to make external links open a new window?

Jan Steinman Jan at Bytesmiths.com
Wed Feb 9 22:11:18 UTC 2005

On 9 Feb 2005, at 13:57, NSK wrote:

> On Wednesday 09 February 2005 18:59, Jan Steinman wrote:
>> CONFUSED when they click on one word, and are still within the site,
> You can just avoid linking to external sites. Why do you need external 
> links?

Because they include useful information that people appreciate. Because 
I can't control what users (not the really unsophisticated ones, who 
don't edit) put on their pages. Because the wiki concept is free and 

The problem is that SOME PEOPLE don't know how to get back to where 
they were.

Before you snort derisively about not knowing how to use a "back" 
button, think of someone you know that can barely use a VCR -- a parent 
or grandparent, perhaps. Shouldn't we try to make the Internet as easy 
as possible for them?

> People who get confused so easily need training.

This is true, but often not practical. Plus, they're 500km away from me.

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