[Mediawiki-l] User can't stay logged in

Jonathan Pennington penningj at engr.orst.edu
Mon Feb 7 08:01:10 UTC 2005

I'm trying to build a mediawiki page on the Sourceforge servers 
(project: Pyarie). I've got the problem that whenever I log in, either 
as an account or as WikiSysop, I can't stay logged in. If I go to 
another page, it seems to log me out. Then, and most interesting, if I 
go back to a page that I've seen previously, it'll log me back in.

For instance, I was able to log in as WikiSysop, edit my preferences and 
then when I went to Main Page, I was suddenly not logged in. So I logged 
in under a user account, went to a page that I previously saw as 
WikiSysop, and I suddenly WAS WikiSysop- I tested it by editing a page.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with Mediawiki or my setup (likely the 
latter.). I've repeated the behaviour with the current stable and the 
latest beta version both.

I'm using Firefox 1.0, no extensions and I've played with cookies and 
caching and it does the same thing regardless of setting. Again, this is 
on the sourceforge servers with a clean install of mediawiki. I even 
deleted all the tables and tried to start from scratch and the same 
thing happend.

Any ideas? What am I missing?

JW Pennington	| My Mind Map:http://oregonstate.edu/~penningj/
Masters Student: Bioresource Engineering & Geosciences
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