[Mediawiki-l] Creating pages progmatically

=James Birkholz= j.birchwood at verizon.net
Sun Feb 6 20:07:51 UTC 2005

I got brave and tried a test, using phpMyAdmin to manaully insert a row.
I don't see any obvious problems yet.
I put my user id in but see that it doesn't lookup my name, and have to 
enter that manually as well.
The "cur_random" I'm guessing is for the "present random article" logic, 
and an ordinary random number generator value could be placed in there. I 
presume the "cur_isnew" flag is primarily for "present new pages" logic, 
but I may not want to flood that page anyway. Most of the other fields have 
default values that seem to be fine.

At 06:54 PM 2/6/05, you wrote:
>On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 03:59:32 -0600, =James Birkholz=
><j.birchwood at verizon.net> wrote:
> > I will soon need to create thousands of pages with a standard bit of text
> > on each. Is there any reason that I can't just use php and add records to
> > the "cur" table, putting values in the "cur_title" and "cur_text" fields?
> > Do I need to set values in any of the other fields of the "cur" table, or
> > any other tables?
>Well, I'm no expert on the database structure, but I'd imagine you'll
>have to put *something* valid (in the sense of vaguely similar to what
>MediaWiki would have put there) in *every* field of the cur table,
>else MediaWiki'll get mighty confused when it tries to do something
>like display the page history . Importantly, get cur_namespace right -
>don't be fooled into thinking there are articles called things like
>"User:Foo", when they're actually called "Foo" with cur_namespace=2
>(you may know this already, but I think it's a reasonably common
>"gotcha", so worth pointing out). Also, I'd create a "fake" user to
>assign the edits to, and call it "Content seeding script" or something
>appropriate to show up in the page histories.
>As for other tables, there are various scripts in the 'maintenance'
>directory for rebuilding various things, such as recentchanges, the
>links table, etc. It might be worth running at least some of those to
>make things consistent after your mass changes.
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