[Mediawiki-l] Question to 1.4 installation

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 4 17:40:40 UTC 2005

Hi, I suppose I did one thing I should not have done ....

Today I decided to try out the first 1.4 installation - since I already 
have a wakkawiki-installation in /wiki and another one of mediawiki 
1.3.7 in another directory I installed 1.4 in a directory called just /w/


Now I started to edit things and what happens is really strange - and I 
am just not sure if it depends on my browser or on the installation.

I modified the main page first and everything seemed ok.
Then I modified again and the browser just did not show me the changes - 
no way ... even after several re-loads.

Now I noted the following:
when I go to
I have the correct contents

whe I go to
I have the old contents

and this is really strange ....

So do you think it depends on my browser or did I choose a wrong 
directory name (I noted that when editing pages on the wikimedia servers 
it works in a directory called /w).

And if my installation is wrong: what do I need to do now? Do I have to 
re-install everything in another directory and then re-edit from scratch?

Thank's for any help.

Ciao, Sabine

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