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Muzaffer Ozakca mozakca at indiana.edu
Fri Feb 4 16:54:23 UTC 2005

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> I guess my general opinion is that any reference to "microsoft windows
> xp" is incorrect and needs fixing *anyway*, so why bother making the
> link work? I know in many cases it's not as clear-cut as that, but on
> any site that's aiming for a reasonable consistency of style, even a
> phrase like "list of software design companies" will have a "correct"
> capitalisation.

Just a quick comment here, even if "microsoft windows xp" is incorrect it
still works. It will create a link to an empty page. Then somebody has to
notice it and correct it. By the time, somebody else could have typed some
text and there are two versions of the same thing.

> I guess I should have thought that the obvious system is to have a
> particular capitalisation stored as the title, with only *links* being
> case insensitive - and hope that someone will spot that it needs
> moving. But how you could ever track down incorrectly typed instances
> under such a system, I'm not sure - links to "microsoft windows xp"
> would be buried in "what links here" along with all the correct
> references. At least under the current system you can create a
> redirect, or move the page leaving a redirect behind, and then the
> incorrect pages can be identified as linking to that redirect.

I think, we are talking about the same thing. As long as links are case
insensitive, it shouldn't really matter how it is stored in the database.

> In other words, I think such a system would just encourage sloppy
> style, whereas MediaWiki (due to its primary role of running Wikipedia
> et al) is largely designed to aid in authoring "professional-looking"
> content (I would claim the very existence of [[free links]] as opposed
> to CamelCase, as well as things like seperation of discussion pages,
> as examples of this design goal).

(Btw, sorry, for copying e-mails to your personal e-mail address)

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