[Mediawiki-l] Help anticipating size of MySQL database; hosting recommendations

=James Birkholz= j.birchwood at verizon.net
Fri Feb 4 00:26:09 UTC 2005

I'm reasonably happy with Lunar Pages, for a low cost host. There are some 
times when it seems like the server I'm on gets bogged down or offline, but 
probably no more than most, where only one server is serving. They've had 
growing pains, and it took me some effort at times when I was setting up to 
find the tech support guys that could actually help. The e-mail support can 
work well once you get a response. It's proably 4 times the size now than 
what it was when I joined about 2 years ago. At the time though, it had 
some of the best serve times for low-priced hosts. I haven't made any real 
config changes since I started so, I haven't had to deal with them other 
than to remember to keep $45 in the account every 3 months.

I had zero problems installing mediawiki (1.39) a couple of months ago. 
(Well, that's not true, I tried installing it into my alternate mysql 
database, had some problem, and then tried installing it as an add-on to my 
main db and whatever I did different worked, and I've been too lazy to 
re-install. But I didn't need to get the host to do anything.

I did have to get them to set my account to use an older version of their 
"control panel" skin, to get myphpAdmin to work correctly. And their were 
issues with using a nonstandard port to use that control panel. (Which 
keeps me from using it at work, our firewall has all non-essenitial ports 

James Birkholz
admin, Posen-L mailing list and website

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