[Mediawiki-l] Help anticipating size of MySQL database; hosting recommendations

Stumax stumaxis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 18:00:10 UTC 2005

I'm looking for a new host for my wiki, and I think I narrowed it down
to Pair networks.  The one red flag that pops up for me is that they
have a limit of 200MB per MySQL database, after which they could start
deducting from my overall disk quota.  Not a problem as far as I'm
concerned, but I don't really have any idea how big the databases get.
 Currently, my database is about 3.5 MB, representing about 155 pages
or so.  I've been seeding this, meaning I've been doing most of the
work myself.  Now I'm ready to let more people get involved, and I'm
wondering if I'm going to smack my head against that 200MB limit
anytime soon.

Here are the relevant bullet points from Pair's policy page.  Would
anyone out there think that this could be an issue for a site that
will likely get moderate use?


* Databases are limited to 15 concurrent connections. While this limit
 is enforced separately for each username connecting to a database, it
 is against policy to attempt to use the three usernames alloted to a 
database to circumvent this limit.
* Advanced Account holders are limited to 1500 queries per hour, of 
which at most 750 can alter data in the database (such as INSERT, 
UPDATE, and DELETE queries).
* Each individual database is allotted up to 200MB (megabytes) of disk
space.  pair Networks reserves the right to apply disk usage in excess
of 200MB  against the account's disk quota.


Thanks for any help.  Also, I've researched web hosts until my eyes
are crossed.  If anyone has any recommendations for a reliable host,
I'd be grateful.

Stuart Maxwell

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