Re: [Mediawiki-l] Problems with the Germans Umlaute: ä, ö, ü

Brion Vibber brion at
Sun Nov 28 00:45:11 UTC 2004

On Nov 27, 2004, at 2:18 PM, Andrea Arena wrote:
> Thank you for all the input concerning my problem with the Umlaut in 
> German
> language on Wikimedia. I tryed all the problem solving inputs you send 
> to
> me, but the problem still exists. My problem ist not on my database. 
> There
> it works perfectly. The problem is on Wikimedia. I suppose that the 
> problem
> could be due to my hosting provider? Mai be a version conflict? I 
> would very
> appreciate your further inputs to my problem. Thank you in advance.

Andrea, could you please list exactly the things you tried?

In particular, have you checked that languages/LanguageDe.php is the 
exacty original file, that it has not been edited or altered in any 
way? In 1.3.7 it should have the MD5 checksum 
619ee2455928dacbea363020254ea464; it's 63582 bytes long and was dated 
September 3, 2004.

Secondly, can you list exactly what, if any, changes you have made to 
your LocalSettings.php file? Did you change anything in there after 
installing? What exact options did you select while installing?

Thirdly, can you provide details of your PHP configuration? A script 
like this provides a large amount of configuration information:
<?php phpinfo() ?>

-- brion vibber (brion @
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