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Christopher Adjani christopher at greenzones.org
Thu Nov 11 19:35:51 UTC 2004

Dear MediaWiki-l at Wikimedia.org ,

We are in the very beginning stages of building our own Non-Profit 
organization to help bring all green information into one centralized 
location.   Our goal is to make it easy for the average person to 
understand how to be greener in their own lives and how their decisions 
effect the world we all live in.

We are working towards this goal by developing GreenZones and 
GreenZones will be the physical Zones throughout the world, where 
people can come and experience green living and green ideas. 
GreenZones.org will be the central location of all green information, 
streaming shows, education and communities.

One of the sections within GreenZones.org is called G.Knowledge.  The 
collective brain for the entire world on Green Technologies, ideas, 
information, news, and more.  The goal is to use this information to 
help protect the planet and improve everyones quality of life on the 

Wikipedia's engine is exactly the same thing but for a much broader 
subjects.  We would like to build in Wikipedia-Green into 

Because we are in such an early stage of development, we have no 
technical staff to run the servers or to install / maintain Wikimedia 
engine.   We currently host with Spymac, which is running on Linux 

Would anyone be interested in helping us build Wiki into our site 

Like the other Wiki sites, we would like the Green Version to be 
connected to the larger Wiki community to make sure all the information 
and content is available to everyone, everywhere in the world.  But at 
the same time, focus our content from our users to make it easy to 
learn about everything green.

Please visit our Beta Site: http://greenzones.org
or go straight to the G.Knowledge demo page: 

Thank you for any and all help you maybe able to provide.
Christopher Adjani
christopher at greenzones.org

Christopher Adjani - GreenZones.org

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