[Mediawiki-l] How do I set an image thumbnail for a non image file (e.g. excel spread sheet)?

Sam Stern samstern at samstern.net
Fri Nov 5 08:46:06 UTC 2004


I run a corporate intranet Wiki. It's replacing an ageing Twiki install.
Currently I have set MediaWiki to accept file types of doc, xls, vsd, mdb

However when I refer to a non image file like:

[[image:plan.doc|Plan for making plans]]

The link appears as a broken link -- e.g. displays the Red "X" and the Alt
Text (although clicking the link actually does link to the correct file).

Right now I'm making pages like this:

== Project to save the world ==

[[image:process_flow.vsd|How to save the world - process flow]]

[[image:role.doc|How to define your role in saving the world]]

[[image:cost.xls|Current Budget for Saving the world]]

<b> Editors note, please go ahead and click the above links. They appear to
be broken but are not. </b>

Now I do have small .gif files for each file type (e.g. the little green X
for excel sheets) but cannot figure out how to get MediaWiki to display the
correct generic thumb nail.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Sam Stern
Baltimore, MD, USA

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