[Mediawiki-l] Re: Where should I seek help?

Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
Mon Nov 1 15:18:42 UTC 2004

On Nov 1, 2004, at 7:13 AM, Richard Karpinski wrote:
> [pear_error: message="Template function 
> 'tpl_0_7_0_d73aca9d73b2179aa0acca726fd5ead0' not found (template 
> source : /home/groups/h/hu/humane/htdocs/di/templates/xhtml_slim.pt" 
> code=0 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info=""]

This means the page template didn't compile correctly, or that the 
compiled template file couldn't be loaded up correctly.

Unfortunately I can't be more specific than that since I don't know 
what causes it, and have never seen it on any machine I've run (though 
similar symptoms do get reported). Do you run this server yourself, or 
are you on a shared server with limited control? What operating system 
does it run? What version of PHP? Do you know if it's using a PHP 
accelerator module (eg Zend Optimizer, Turck MMCache, APC, etc)? Are 
you running with PHP's safe mode on? Is the server frequently used, or 
lightly? Is your wiki heavily used, or lightly? Can you check for the 
existence of a file named eg 
tpl_0_7_0_d73aca9d73b2179aa0acca726fd5ead0.php, most likely in /tmp? 
What does it look like inside? Is it empty, or broken, or a bunch of 
PHP and HTML bits? Are files in the /tmp dir routinely emptied? Is 
there a per-user quota on the filesystem? Are there any other error 
messages that show up at the time?

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)
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