[Mediawiki-l] Re: Database Backup system?

Ashar Voultoiz hashar at altern.org
Mon Nov 1 05:00:51 UTC 2004

Ira Abramov wrote:
>>There isn't such a tool actually although you can use Special:Export to 
>>extract one article.
> last I check this was a "write only backup medium" since I found no way
> to suck that single page back in.


The Special:Import page isn't finished yet :o)

>>I personally use mysqldump other all my databases every 15 days or so 
>>and zip / archive the dumps on an other disk.
> I do that daily with my site, keep 6 back "issues" on the server (i.e.
> one week) and rsync the last one to my home machine. Better safe than
> sorry (and sorry I've been. believe me)

Looks like a safe way. You might even want to burn a cd from time to 
time to be even safer :o)

Ashar Voultoiz - WP++++

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