[Mediawiki-l] Redirects and such

P. Kerim friedman kerim.mail at oxus.net
Fri Jul 30 22:59:31 UTC 2004

Everything seems to be working fine now. However, I still have the 
issue of the base URL which I would like to change. Here is the 

The hints I've been getting over at MediaWiki and here on the list seem 
to not address the real problem. You see, the url:


works! This is already done through my URL forwarding from EasyDNS.org. 
So I don't think I need rewrite rules like this one:

RewriteCond %{REQIEST_URI} ^wiki.oxusnet.net
RewriteRule ^(.*) wiki.oxus.net$1

Right? What I want is for all the wiki URLs *within* MediaWiki to use


instead of the server actually hosting the site:


But there seems to be no way to force MediaWiki to use a domain of my 
choosing, so what happens is that the first time anyone hits a link on 
the site, it goes to oxusnet.net. I don't want anyone to know that this 
is where it is hosted.

I see that older versions of LocalSettings.php had a line:

$wgServer           = "http://wiki.oxus.net";

But adding this to my beta5 installation didn't do anything. Is there 
any way to get MediaWiki to us this as the base URL?

Thanks for your help!


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