[Mediawiki-l] RE: customization of page elements

JT.Thomas at VerizonWireless.com JT.Thomas at VerizonWireless.com
Mon Jul 26 18:18:37 UTC 2004

In version 1.2.6 I modified SkinXXXXXXXX.php to affect the changes that I
wished to the page output.

Best Regards,


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Hello thanks for your comments on the MediaWiki
mailing list...

Where did you end up editing then?
Even with the PHPtal in MW 1.3 beta 5 I haven't any
idea on where to insert my own site's menu items,
footers, etc..?




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>Just upgraded to 1.3 b4 Mediawiki,
>And still was looking for a place (if there is one)
>some help on how to customize the menus. I found the
>.css files that I can control the look, but how do I
>customize which menus appear?

I'm in the process of setting up an internal corporate
and have gone through the exact same pains with 1.2.6
- unfortunately 
isn't implemented in this version (as far as I can
tell) so I've taken 
modifying the code directly.


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