[SA2.2] Re: [Mediawiki-l] Help with customizing MW 1.3

Nick Bell hyperbole at uk2.net
Fri Jul 23 18:34:09 UTC 2004

Evan Prodromou wrote:

>> And also, can I make pages editable ONLY by registered
>> users? Or protect all pages from editing?
> It sounds to me like you don't really need a wiki engine, but a content 
> management system (CMS).

I think that's a bit harsh! It's easy to make a mediawiki locked for all 
but registered users. See 
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Access_Restrictions for details. You'll 
need the bit about preventing registration with WhiteListAccount as well 
as the ...Edit bit, otherwise anyone would be able to register, log in 
and edit.

I chose to prevent unwanted viewing of my wiki using .htaccess/.htpasswd 
rather than wgWhiteListRead, on the advice of Brion Vibber.

The Wiki concept need not be reserved for open access projects. I am 
trying to use it _within_ a closed community, and a little privacy will 
draw the community together by allowing more private details (e.g. phone 
numbers, email addresses) to be openly shared.

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