[Mediawiki-l] Help Customizing Media Wiki

Jimmy Apple visoredgepro at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 21 06:41:30 UTC 2004

I'm very new to PHP and CSS, so I was hoping someone
could give me a hand! I managed to install Mediawiki,
and for some test data, I uploaded the WIkiquote info
into the Cur tables, so far so good!

Now, how do I start customizing? Where are the
template files or css files?

How can I change the mediawiki logo to my logo?
How can I customize which elements of the menubar
appear? For example, if I wanted to remove the menu
that says "discuss this page" how would I do that?

Also, what does [[Template:Gnunote]] mean?
I tried to edit my wikipage/Template:Gnunote to add a
GNU note there, but at the bottom of every page
[[Template:Gnunote]] appears.

And, what is {{qotd}}  and How do I insert my own
Quote of the Day?

Thanks for all your help!!!

Jimmy APple

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